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More than 15 thousand inhabitants of Sîngerei district to benefit from cheaper and more accessible services

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Mayors of six neighbouring villages from Sîngerei district joined their efforts with a view to jointly solve local housing problems. The event for launching the municipal enterprise „Servcom-Chișcăreni" was attended by officials and citizens from partnering localities, who conveyed the same message „Cheaper. Cleaner. Now in my town, too".

Thus, about 15 thousand inhabitants from Chișcăreni, Ciuciueni, Coșcodeni, Dumbrăvița, Iezărenii Vechi and Taura Veche will benefit from improved services to be provided by the concerned enterprise: waste transportation, road maintenance and snow clearing, maintenance of electric power, water and sewage networks.

During the launching event, Iurie Chiorescu, main state counsellor, declared that 25% of local municipalities from R. Moldova have a population not exceeding 1500 people, whereas 80% of these - up to 5000 inhabitants. „European experience shows that the creation of local public services in settlements with less than 5000 dwellers is very expensive and difficult. The best solution is that several smaller local municipalities join their efforts in order to jointly establish and provide local public services".


„The biggest challenge for each mayor in R. Moldova is to ensure quality services for the citizens. Inter-community cooperation is a new tendency emerging as a life buoy for the mayoralties. At the moment, we have established a legal entity, we possess the necessary technique for providing such services, but we must still concentrate on the education of population for convincing them as well to invest efforts, so that we can proudly say: „Cheaper, cleaner, now in our villages, too", Silvia Ţurcanu, mayor of Chişcăreni, added.

The Joint Integrated Local Development Programme (JILDP) ensured the methodological support for establishing the communal service enterprise "Servcom-Chișcăreni", and provided a grant worth 100,000 USD for procuring the necessary technique and equipment - a multi-functional tractor, road roller machine, trailer, dumpsters for households and public institutions.

Ghenadie Ivascenco, expert in inter-community cooperation within JILDP, praised the effort of these six local municipalities to operate to the citizens' best interest. „During the year 2015, the inter-community service "Servcom-Chișcăreni" will be assisted by the development partners for building the capacities of the enterprise. We are confident that the local initiative will guarantee the sustainability of such projects for providing quality services in each settlement", Ghenadie Ivascenco concluded.

Each mayor of the localities that are members of municipal enterprise was awarded the mentioning „Householder of the locality".

Victor Buceaţchi, mayor of Iezăreni commune, stated that he consulted the opinion of his citizens and, as a consequence, he decided to cooperate with other local municipalities with a view to jointly sort out local problems. „Bringing quality services in each village individually is a very difficult and expensive process. When joining the efforts, such services become twice cheaper and more qualitative", Buceaţchi added.

The event hosted an exhibition of items manufactured from recyclable waste, and numerous people took part in workshops for producing such objects.

For educational purposes, young people from the six localities organised a Flash-mob, urging village dwellers to take care of the villages which they inhabit.

„Local authorities may offer quality services to us, but the continuity of such services is impossible without our support - the support of citizens. We have beautiful villages, the only thing is to preserve such treasures", Ecaterina Ţurcanu, student in XIIth grade, declared.

The establishment of Chișcăreni inter-community service stands for one of the 10 inter-community cooperation projects implemented in several districts of Republic of Moldova, which enforce the provisions of R. Moldova's National Decentralisation Strategy, approved by the Parliament of Republic of Moldova in April 2012. The total value of grants provided for implementation of projects amounts to one million USD. More than 120 000 citizens from 40 localities in R. Moldova will be the direct beneficiaries of the projects. These projects are implemented with the financial and methodological support of Joint Integrated Local Development Programme, coordinated by the State Chancellery and implemented by UNDP Moldova and UN Women, with the financial support of the Danish Government.


For additional information: Tatiana Solonari, JILDP communication consultant (UNDP Moldova): tatiana.solonari@undp.org , 069377215.  

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