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Delegation of the Republic of Moldova learnt from the experience of German local authorities

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Within 29 October - 3 November, instant, the Delegation of the Republic of Moldova, made up of Mr. Iurie Tap, Chair of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Decentralization, Mr. George Mocanu, member of the Special Parliamentary Committee, Mr. Igor Grosu, Deputy Minister of Education, Mr. Ion Carpineanu, Mayor of Carpineni commune, Hincesti district, and Mrs. Victoria Cujba, Deputy Head of Decentralization Policies Department within the State Chancellery, conducted a study trip to German Federal Republic to find out about the activities carried out by German local authorities in the field of decentralization and ensuring local autonomy.

This trip was possible thanks to the support provided by KONRAD ADENAUER Foundation, in the context of an intense cooperation in the field of decentralization between the representatives and experts of the Foundation and MPs, civil servants and state officials of the current Government of the Republic of Moldova.  

Following a series of discussions and consultations on the need to build the professional and institutional capacities of local and central public authorities in order to successfully implement the Government's priority related to decentralization and ensuring local autonomy, our German colleagues were ready to give us practical guidance so that we could learn about their advanced experience, new technologies and methods applied in local administration, delivery of public services, delimitation of competences among different administrative levels, collaboration with representative associations of local authorities, implementation of regional development projects and other examples on the modernization of public administration.

The team led by Mr. Sven IRMER, Head of KONRAD ADENAUER Foundation Office in Romania and in the Republic of Moldova, organized the trip in a very professional way, so that we managed to find out about numerous details related to the activities performed by German local administration. We talked with civil servants and we met extraordinary mayors, devoted to their public service and to citizens' interest.

The delegation also met with the officials from the Office of Secretary General of Bundestag, such as Mr. Thomas Helm; with the representative of Federal Chancellery, Mr. Joachim Bertele, Department of Bilateral Relations with Southeast European Countries, Central Asia and Southern Caucasus; with Ms. Claudia Miller, Advisor on Moldova at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other German civil servants, that are aware of the particularities of the Republic of Moldova's development. 

We found out many success stories and modern approaches used to manage public affairs at the local level. An example of success may serve the activity of local authorities of Trebbin town, with a population of approximately 10 thousand inhabitants, located near Berlin. For almost 14 years, Trebbin town has been managed by a devoted mayor who succeeded to promote the brand of his locality so that the local economy has witnessed considerable growth. The Trebbin's mayor is very modest when talking about himself, but very inspired when describing the locality that he represents. He intrigued us by his final statement, saying that "... his town is not the center of the Universe, by they all strive to achieve this!" Such an approach and such a strategic vision is, certainly, worth respect and leaves no doubts that this mayor plays and important role in the development of his locality.

A special interest for us was the collaboration between local authorities and local public associations that provide training and information services, as well as perform lobbying activity for the interest of their local communities.

We had the chance to get acquainted with specific features of the German nation (punctuality, correctness, quality and respect for their national virtues) while listening to numerous examples presented during our discussions with Mr. Sven IRMER, Head of KONRAD ADENAUER Office in Romania and in Moldova. The philosophical statement that "... we should reflect more in order to work less", made us think about our activity in the public sector, about the process of public policies development and approval of some strategic views on the development of public administration system.

In this context, the German experience is indubitable an example of diligence, responsibility and professionalism - a fact reconfirmed by the delegation of the Republic of Moldova during their discussions with German civil servants and public officials. 

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